Gencon All-in-One

    When it comes to heel work, the majority of the time Alfie can be wonderful, there is nothing more rewarding than walking along with your best friend pottering along at your side, taking the occasion glance up making sure that he is still in sync with you. There still was a handful of occasions where he just could not contain his excitement and that dreamy stroll side by side turned into somewhat of a nightmare with me heading in one direction and Alf in another.

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    Crufts 2016: The Highlights

    This will be my final post from our Crufts adventures, although a little sad to see it all come to an end there is definitely a whole lot of sleep I need to catch up on! The whole experience really was amazing, I still can’t quite believe that me and little Alf were invited along… Alfie at Crufts is something I never imagined! It was so good to meet so many of you, I can’t get over the feeling of someone recognising Alfie – It really was very surreal!

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