Separation Anxiety, it’s a problem!

    So often, we spend our lives watching these instagrammers sharing their picture perfect lives through their photographs or stories. Very rarely do I stop and consider that they only chose to share their best bits. Sometimes it is just good to take a moment to remember that… Not everything is perfect.

    Today’s post is going to be a honest one. I want to share with you a little problem Alfie and I are facing at the moment… Well, a massive problem. Alfie has started to struggle with separation anxiety. I don’t want your judgements, or for you to tell me where I’m going wrong. I just want to share our journey with you. As I’m hoping with a lot of hard work, you will be able to see things progress over time… Right now, the idea of leaving him for as little as 5 minutes is impossible.

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    July 2017

    That’s it, my first month of self employment completed! Man it’s a scary to take that leap but so worth it!

    July has been all about change, moving house, leaving my job and thanks to an untimely demise in my car.. A new car too! Which was not so fun! Alfie and I are slowly getting used to our new routine, which at the moment seems to evolve around the spoilt spaniel! We are loving having a new area to explore! It also makes for some gorgeous photo spots too!

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    Billy & Bella

    As the owner of a style conscious spaniel, and obsessive collar hoarder. I love the challenge of finding new up and coming brands to share with you all. Recently I was approached by Gary, Founder of Billy & Bella to see if we would be interested in testing their new collection. Continue reading