November 2015

    So.. November.. Where do I start? It has been a hectic month for me with the Christmas orders and photo sessions rolling in thick and fast.. But through the chaos I have also re-discovered my love of sharing Alfie photos, I am always snapping away when it comes to Alf, desperate to capture all our fun and memories for years to come, It really has been great sharing these with you.. So much so that I discovered the “dog world” on Twitter, making Alfie his very own account, it really is such a friendly community, I seem to spend more time on Alfie’s account than i do my own!

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    Getting to know Alfie

     Most of you have probably found your way here from following Alfie on Instagram or Twitter.. We hope to let you all delve a bit more into our life.. Sharing adventures, photos, dog friendly trips and even the odd trick. But I think to start off with it’s probably best to let you get to know Alfie a little bit better.

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