What’s in Alfie’s Stocking?

    Christmas is a time for spoiling loved ones, if you a like me then your favourite spaniel will be a very lucky boy come Christmas morning! Alfie loves presents, it is a crazy just how exciting the moment that he even senses he has a present – or anyone around him! It’s so adorable.

    I thought I would give you a sneak peak of what little Alfie will be opening this Christmas, A little bit of shopping inspiration. Continue reading

    Winter Coats That Are Worth The Money

    There’s a chill in the air, which must mean that winter is finally here! You can’t beat those wintery walks with your dog! As the temperatures drops it’s time to start thinking about a winter coat for your dog.

    Buying a winter coat really is an investment, you want something that is stylish but also durable. With so many coats on the market, I thought I’d give you are a run down of my favourites. Ones that really are worth the money.

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    A New Pet, The Introductions

    I’m sure you have all seen our gorgeous new addition by now…. The adorable Mr Snuffles! It’s safe to say both Alfie and I are absolutely smitten with him. I thought I would share with you how I introduced them to each other and any tips I have. They now free roam around the house happily together. I actually think Alfie believes that  is his very own pet!

    I’d just like give a bit of a disclaimer, that this is how I did it. I have tailored it to suit Alf. This may not work with every dog. Never leave your dog and your new arrival alone together.

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    Our Top 3 “Dog Friendly” Hotels 2017

    Burley Manor, Hampshire

    Our trips are coming to an end for 2017, we really have been so lucky this year! From the Scottish Highlands to country escapes in The New Forest… I feel we have experienced it all. I thought it would be good to share with you our top three dog friendly hotels!

    When I say dog friendly, this is looking at the hotels that really did welcome Alfie as part of the family – That’s what makes our travels so special!

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    Our Winter Survival Guide

    Hello there Winter… Bring on the mud!

    Many dog owners dread those winter months, every walk results in mucky paws – Or if you are Alfie, a full body mud coverage is needed. Instead of preventing the mud I have learnt to just embrace it. Thankfully I have a collection of great products that help with the aftermath! I thought I would share them with you.

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    The Dog Trouser Company

    In Alfie’s eyes every walk should mean getting as muddy as possible, which is loads of fun for him… But for me? Sometimes I would prefer a clean spaniel. As an Alfie owner, I have all the products on the market ready to deal with the mud monster. I am yet to try a product which will prevent the mud splatter in the first place!

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