Dog Model/Actor

“Alfie is a four year old Liver and White English Springer Spaniel, with stunning good looks his is fast becoming a firm favourite as a pet model. A breed well known for their high energy and intelligence Alfie is a loyal athletic dog who is always eager to please. Working well both indoors and outdoors he will keep can and cooperate when needed but he excels outdoors. Always been to run, drive and swim – He is the perfect action dog.

A natural in front of the camera, Alfie has developed a large following on social media (Currently at 11.5k) where he shows his quirky fun-loving personality. He also works closely with a number of companies to model products, and travels across the UK promoting dog friendly travel. During 2016 Alfie has featured in both Vogue and GQ magazine.

Alfie is a responsive dog, eager to please. He has been trained completely using positive reward based training methods, confidently working from a distance. Well established in obedience Alfie knows all the basic commands such as: Sit, Stay, Down, Stand and Wait. He also has a variety of tricks up his sleeve: Paw, High Five, “Stick them up”, Bow, Play Dead, Roll Over, Speak, Spin, Touch, Kiss, “Go to Bed” and he will also pretend to sleep on command. Alfie is a quick learner so he can be trained to learn any required commands in a short space of time. He responds well to both verbal and visual cues and will happily hold most objects.”

For more information or to book Alfie please get in touch, or contact our Agent Layla from Urban Paws.

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