New Years Resolutions For You and Your Dog

The start of a New Year is the perfect time for us all to re-evaluate our lives a little, what did we enjoy? What would we like to see change next year? This is where setting yourselves a new years resolution or two come in handy. As a crazy dog mum my resolutions of course revolve around my little Alf, and how could we make the most of our days together.

I thought it would be good to share our resolutions with you, and maybe give you a bit of inspiration for some you could make with your dog.

More Training

Alfie loves to work, wether it is performing simple tricks or retrieving he really does thrive when his mind is kept busy. This year plan to do more with him, so up our gundog work [for us reintroducing those lefts and rights, and a slight bit more control would be nice haha] and learn some more advance tricks.

Keeping your dogs mind active is great for them, especially highly strung breeds like spaniels. If they are worked mentally and physically your overall time together will be much more positive. I can always see the difference, as Alfie is far easier to control.

Stay tuned! We plan to share a training series with you over the coming year… Lets train together!

Live in the moment

As cheesy as the phrase sounds I always aim to enjoy my time with Alfie, but do I really need to walk the whole walk with me phone in my hand? No! I really want to make sure I give Alfie my full attention at times throughout the day… Alfie will definitely appreciate it more!

I think even something so simple as putting your phone away on your walk, or taking an extra 10 minutes to play will make a big difference for you and your dog.

Stop feeding from the table

Over the last year my rules on feeding Alfie from the plate have vanished, I find it impossible to resist those puppy dog eyes… So the odd bit of human food here and there quickly became a regular meal time habit. Alfie now expects it.

This doesn’t actually impact on his health, but it does mean that he will beg for food. Something I usually hate… This year that will stop, at meal times he will laying down on his mat throughout meal times.

Get out and explore

Dog Walking in the Trossachs

Every year I tell myself that I want to get out and explore more with Alfie, whether that is finding new walks that are right on our doorstep or finding new places to discover on our travels. I love to see Alfie enjoy himself, especially when he goes somewhere new… His tail is wagging constantly. This year I want to keep up the travelling, visit some places old and new.

Pet Insurance

I’m ashamed to admit that it wasn’t until I met James that I finally got Alfie insured, it had always been something I had planned to do I just “never got around to it” I know, I know… It’s a rubbish excuse.

Being a vet James has seen first hand the importance of Pet Insurance, it’s scary just how quickly your vet bill can rack up, even with the simplest of operations or long term health condition. It wasn’t until last year that I truly appreciated just how important insurance is, I’m sure you will all remember back in July when we discovered a lump on Alfie’s side, after we took a sample we quickly became aware that it had to come off as soon as possible. As a dog owner this was the first time I didn’t have that extra worry about the financial sign of things.

His bill quickly shot over the £1000 mark, something I would never be able to afford to pay in one payment. [here is a great examples of how much a simple trip to the vets could actually cost]. This left us to worry about getting him back to perfect health.

We would love to know what your new years resolutions you are going to make this year. For you and your dog, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Emma & Alfie xox

*This blog post has been sponsored by Argos Pet Insurance.

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    We still haven’t sorted pet insurance for Tedd, that’s definitely on my to do list!

    January 4, 2018 at 5:52 pm
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