A New Pet, The Introductions

I’m sure you have all seen our gorgeous new addition by now…. The adorable Mr Snuffles! It’s safe to say both Alfie and I are absolutely smitten with him. I thought I would share with you how I introduced them to each other and any tips I have. They now free roam around the house happily together. I actually think Alfie believes that  is his very own pet!

I’d just like give a bit of a disclaimer, that this is how I did it. I have tailored it to suit Alf. This may not work with every dog. Never leave your dog and your new arrival alone together.

Know your dog’s personality

Let’s be sensible here, not every dog can tolerate small fury creatures running around their home. You really must think carefully about this… Is your dog likely to try to kill them? Or are they more sensitive?

Alfie is a very loving boy, who is used to having lots of animals around. You name it Alfie has probably been around them… He has had Snakes around his neck, a Chameleon on his head, he even found a little vole in the house, He really does love them all – When he was a puppy he even went to a small house party with a kitten roaming! They ended up snuggling on the sofa snoozing the night away.

Keep every experience positive

So once you have made the decision to introduce them, it is so so sooooo important that you keep every experience positive. Telling your dog off for being interested could cause a lot of problems in the long run… Especially if you have a jealous little monkey! [... like Alfie]

Let them watch

I started off the introduction letting Alfie watch Snuffles roam around the room… Obviously make the room escape proof first of use a playpen. We just sat on the floor together watching him explore. Lots of praise and treats, I kept all my attention on Alfie.

Spend time together

Snuffles is quite the cuddle monster in the evenings, so our usual routine is to let him cuddle up while we are watching the TV. Alfie is always most relaxed at this point so he will join us. I let him watch, Snuffles and just spend time around him… Again giving him lots of attention for being a good boy.

Let them Sniff

Once I was certain that Alfie was not going to rough with him, I let them sniff each other… Alfie soon learnt that if he poked his nose too hard he would get a spike! Of course, you are the one in control here monitor the situation at all times.

It takes time

Like everything, these things do take time… But the more time you put in the more you will get out! Don’t rush, just keep repeating what you are doing at a pace that suits you and your dog.


I hope you will find our tips and tricks useful, Alfie and Snuffles are now the best of friends… No matter where Snuffles is Alfie will be close by making sure he is not getting into any trouble. It is just adorable.

Do you have a dog who has a fury little friend? I would love to see!

Emma & Alfie xox

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