Our Top 3 “Dog Friendly” Hotels 2017

Burley Manor, Hampshire

Our trips are coming to an end for 2017, we really have been so lucky this year! From the Scottish Highlands to country escapes in The New Forest… I feel we have experienced it all. I thought it would be good to share with you our top three dog friendly hotels!

When I say dog friendly, this is looking at the hotels that really did welcome Alfie as part of the family – That’s what makes our travels so special!

The Egerton House Hotel, Knightsbridge

The Egerton House Hotel was by far the most exquisite hotel we have stayed in this year. Set on the gorgeous streets of Knightsbridge, it was a real treat from the moment we stepped through the doors.

Alfie truly was the special guest, getting lots of attention from both the staff and other guests. Everyone wanted to say hello to him or play fetch in the hallway… Lets just say he had the best trip! He soaked up all the attention… Even opting to sprawl out fast asleep in the centre of the bar during our evening meal – It’s very rare for him to feel totally at ease in that kind of environment!

Alfie was included in ever aspect of our stay, and there was no where he could not go! Even claiming the giant bed in our gorgeous suit! They had a lavish dog menu, which was made fresh to order! From a tasty canine breakfast to doggie afternoon tea. It’s a real treat for both you and your dog.

Trigony House Hotel, Dumfries and Galloway

Trigony House Hotel

Trigony House Hotel was the first stop on our Scottish road trip earlier this year, So worth the long drive up! Another hotel which really did believe that Alfie was such an important member of the family.

The atmosphere was lovely and relaxed, being the velcro spaniel he is it was possible for him to have free roam. He was able to wander close to us in-between rooms, sprawling out next to the fire in the evenings it was like being at home! He received lots of attention during our stay from the team, little biscuits here and there, even a sausage waiting for him at breakfast.

Trigony House Hotel

There was a little doggie pack waiting for us on arrival full of the essentials, maps to local walks and a tasty treat of course! Something I really liked is that they had thought about the more practical side of owning a dog so there was poo bins and bags dotted about and also a dog wash area!

Burley Manor, The New Forest

Burley Manor, Hampshire

Oh I loved our stay to The Burley Manor in Hampshire, this was our first time visiting The New Forest… With so many walks right on your doorstep it is the perfect place to get out exploring!

Alfie received the warmest of welcomes upon arrival, even though he was the wildest of spaniels! The drive through the moorland on the way up absolutely blew his mind. Dog’s were not allowed to dine in the restaurant, but you were allowed to leave them in your room while you dined – Or if you are like us and take the dog everywhere you could dine in the bar… The team were pleased to see Alfie, showering him in affection and tasty treats!

Burley Manor, Hampshire

Everything was provided for Alfie, A cosy bed, some homemade treats and even some towels to clean up after your walk!

I highly recommend a visit to any of these hotels, you and your hound will thoroughly enjoy the experience!

Roll on 2018 a new year of exploring!

Emma & Alfie xox

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