Our Winter Survival Guide

Hello there Winter… Bring on the mud!

Many dog owners dread those winter months, every walk results in mucky paws – Or if you are Alfie, a full body mud coverage is needed. Instead of preventing the mud I have learnt to just embrace it. Thankfully I have a collection of great products that help with the aftermath! I thought I would share them with you.

Siccaro Flex Dog Mat

I first introduced you to Siccaro back in July when we tested their amazing Wet Dog Drying Robe… Where I fell in love with their super absorbent material. It worked wonders drying Alfie, so imagine my excitement when we were kindly sent their Flexdog Mat! I can safely say it is my favourite.

The Flexdog Mat is perfect for your mud monster, maybe they don’t want to wear a drying coat or you don’t have one to hand, this is a dog bed made out of the same material as their drying robe. So it will dry them off as they sleep.

I have also found it the perfect tool for my winter photo shoots, i can sprawl out on the floor without covering myself in mud – Result!

The Siccaro Flexdog Mat starts at £125.00, find out more on their website.

The Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner


Earlier this year we were lucky enough to work with Kärcher to share with you their OC3 Portable Cleaner. Essentially it is a pressure washer for your dog. You simply head off and enjoy the mud, then  wash afterwards.

This is perfect for a full body scrub, or just to wash those mucky paws! It is small and compact meaning I can just keep it in the back of my car so it is always to hand.

The Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner is priced at £149.99, find out more on their website


Travall Dog Guard and Boot Mat

I recently shared our new dog guard system with you, it is by far one of the most essential pieces when traveling with you… Especially when it’s muddy. There is a rule that once the paws get mucky Alfie must be in the back – This way it prevents the mud getting spread all around the car.

The guard stops Alfie from clambering in the front and the boot guard will protect the carpet – Both easy to remove and clean. I tend to have my Flexdog Mat on top so Alfie can travel in comfort while he drys off at the same time.

The Travall Dog Guard and Mat starts at £110.00, you can find out more on their website.

Siccaro, Wet Dog Drying Robe

Our second Siccaro feature, I have all the different brands of dog robes but when it comes to mud… I always find myself leaning towards his Siccaro Wetdog Drying Robe.

It may be Alfie’s least favourite robe, as it covers the majority of his body… Preventing him from rubbing the mud all over the house. With the extra stomach coverage I find it really does get the mud off his body. Pairing this with his Flexdog Mat it really is the ultimate combo.

The Wet Dog Drying Robe starts at £85.00, you can find out more on their website.

Animology, Clean Sheets

Who can resist a photo of the pack? I don’t often share group shots… But these are my parent’s dogs Rosie & Bob. So adorable!

Last on my list is the Animology Clean Sheets, these handy wipes always come in handy especially when i don’t have the pressure washer to hand.. I can simply wipe down his paws! I keep a handy travel pack in my handbag.. Just in case!

Animology Clean Sheets start at 10.00, find out more on their website.

I hope you have enjoyed that little insight to our winter survival guide… I would love to know your “go to” products for the mud monster!

Emma & Alfie xox

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