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Alfie and I are always on the road, I’m sure you know that by now! You always see where we go, what we do but we never share the journey with you. Today I will be sharing with you how I keep Alfie safe, secure and comfortable on the road.

Recently Travall got in touch to find out how we travel and if we would be interested in putting their dog guard and boot liner combo to the test. Of course, we jumped at the chance. My car is very much the dog car… It’s muddy, slightly doggy but boy it does the job. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, as I had initially promised myself that the dogs had to stay in the boot… But who can resist those puppy dog eyes?

Who are Travall?

Travall specialise in the design and manufacture of premium quality, vehicle-specific accessories. They are the worlds leading producer of vehicle-specific Dog Guards and Dividers. They aim to make every journey you take with dog safe and comfortable with your dog. The guards give your dog their own space in the car, creating that safe place for them to settle no matter how long the journey.

Installing the Travall Guard

The Travall Guard and Boot Mat is easy to install, it comes with a simple set of instructions and minimal building… Even I could do it! You start by pulling your seats forward, then simply attaching the guard to the relevant fixtures, once it is nice and secure you push your seats back and you are ready to go! With the products being vehicle specific, it really does fit perfectly. Once fitted it doesn’t make a sound… Even when i’m zooming down bumpy country roads.

The Boot Mat is the easiest to install, you just pop it in and you are away! The Mat will catch all the mud from your adventures and prevent those muddy paw prints on the carpets. Because it is so east to remove, this makes for easy cleaning. I love that is gives your dog some grip, so they can sit, stand or even sprawl out in the back without sliding about and because it is rubber it will stay in one place. For longer journeys I like to add a soft bed for Alfie to snuggle in on top, the mat keeps this in position. Alfie loves it.

Safety First

It is actually the law to have your dog restrained in the car, whether this is in a dog seatbelt or safely secured behind their Travall dog guard it is a legal requirement. If caught failing to do so you could be landed with a fine, your insurance would also be invalid if your were to have an accident.

The idea of being involved in a car accident with Alfie on board, really does worry me. This is why it is so important that he is secure in the back. If the worst case scenario did occur the Travall Dog guard will prevent Alfie from flying through the car upon impact.

Keeps your car clean

We all know just how hairy the car can get when your pooch travels with you, and those mud splashes that seem to spread over every surface of the car? These are a thing of the past when they are in the boot. You’ll have a nice clean car!

Would I Recommend Travall?

Duh! Of course! I will only share with you the products I truly love, and our Travall guard and matt really have been a life saver. Even in the early stages of autumn/winter I can see just how much difference this has made to our journeys. I can drive knowing I have done all I can to keep Alfie safe and secure.

A huge thank you to Travall for collaborating with us for this post, I hope you have enjoyed reading.

Emma & Alfie xox

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