Staying in a Dog Friendly Hotel

Never one to leave Alfie at home, We get to stay in many a gorgeous dog friendly hotel. More and more hotels are allowing dogs nowadays, which means that you have more freedom to explore the UK. For us, Staying in a dog friendly hotel, it is much more of a treat as we don’t have to worry about anything other than relaxing and enjoying our stay.

Here are our top tips for choosing and getting the most from your stay.

How dog friendly are they?

Yes, their website may say they are dog friendly, but this is not always the case. During our travels we have found that there are two types of dog friendly, dog’s adored and dog’s tolerated. Some hotels just love dogs and really do believe they are part of the family, where as other hotels tend to just tolerate them.

Find out the basics, is there somewhere you can dine with your dog? are they welcome in any other areas of the hotel than just the bedrooms. Breakfast time, are they allowed the breakfast room or do you order room service? Finding these things out in advance will really help with deciding if this really is the hotel for you.

Lords of the Manor

Research the area

So, you have found the most dreamy looking hotel and they welcome dogs. You think you may have the winner but what is the local area like? Is there a walk near by. Be sure to check out the local pubs and restaurants too, just in case you fancy venturing further afield for food.

I always like to take a look at the area to find any local activities that Alfie could join us on, whether that is a local shooting ground or water sports. It is nice to know that we can have the best stay without worrying about what we can and can’t do with Alfie.

Always follow the rules

Like staying anywhere you must abide by their rules when it comes to bringing your dog. Keep to designated dog area’s, only allow your dogs on the furniture if this is ok to do so. Be sure to keep your dog on a lead in and around the hotel, even if they are no trouble at all.

Burley Manor, Hampshire

Give your dog time to settle

Staying somewhere new can be stressful for some dogs, especially if they are not used to it. So taking that time to make sure they are settled is important. When we travel with Alfie, we always bring something from home for him to sleep on, whether it is his favourite bed or a cosy blanket. Having that little thing from home is very reassuring.

We will always head straight to the room, unpack our belongings then relax for an hour or so. This gives Alfie time to get used to his new surroundings before heading off for a walk.

Remember not everybody loves dogs

As crazy dog people we always love to see any dog roaming around the bar, or quietly settled in a restaurant… Of course cuddles are essential, but this is not the case for some. You have to remember that not everybody loves dogs….It’s hard to believe really. So when you are around the other guests be sure to be considerate.

If your dog doesn’t like to settle, be sure to give them a good run before you sit down for dinner or distract them with a chew.

Trigony House Hotel

Dog friendly extras?

These are the hotels I really love, some will go above and beyond to give you and your dog the most enjoyable stay. See if they have any extras for you dog. During our travels we have found some will have their very own dog menu, or a dog walking service. These little things really can make your stay that extra bit special.

We are so lucky to have such welcoming hotels, it is so important that we do follow the rules and make welcoming a dog into their establishment a positive experience. I hope you all find these tips useful, let me know if you are planning a dog friendly staycation.

Emma & Alfie xox

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    Great mines and of course a great post! We love staying in hotels, but find so many aren’t as dog friendly as they make out, making it a lot harder to actually stay with a pooxh! X

    October 25, 2017 at 8:35 am
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