August 2017

Well, i’m glad to see the back of August. I had been having a crappy month form the start! My car died the end of July, my camera broke, I lost my purse… Then just when I thought things just could not get any worse, that’s when we had Alfie’s diagnosis. Lets face it, that put everything into perspective. All of my other “problems” we trivial, Alfie was the only thing that really mattered.

I think for anyone when you hear the word cancer your mind instantly jumps to the worst case scenario. In my head that was it, I was losing my best friend – We all know that it is a completely irrational way to think, but I just could not shift it. Everything went on hold… I became a full time dog carer – Thank god I am self employed. I apologise for our absence this past month, but I really just needed that space.

We finished August on a high. Alfie got the all clear! His Histopathy results came back showing it was a low grade tumour [What a relief!] and Alfie was given the go ahead to get back out exercising. His debut was winning the dog race at our local village fete – A very proud dog mum moment haha! Lets just draw a line under this awful month and focus on the adventure ahead. I am loving having my best pal back by my side… Even if he is a little bit wild.

Here’s to a great month ahead.

Emma & Alfie xox

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