Countryside Etiquette

Wether you are lucky enough to live in the countryside or just visiting for the weekend there are many things you need to keep into consideration. Us country folk like to call it countryside etiquette.

Now if you follow these simple guidelines, you are free to enjoy the countryside as you wish. Failing to do so and you could end up with some very angry farmers with shotguns… This is not a joke!

Stick to the Footpaths

Just because there are miles and miles of open fields, it doesn’t mean you can roam where you please. Stick to the public footpaths, these will be marked out for you. Do not walk through and crops, unless the path states to. These are the farmers lively hood, by damaging the crops the farmers will miss out.

Keep dogs under control

When you are out exploring the countryside, it is important that you keep your dog under control. So either keep them on their lead or keep your dog in sight at all times. Be aware of what your dog is getting up to, and be confident that it will come back to you on command.

Keep your dog from running through the crops, and disturbing wildlife.


Leave them as you find them, farmers will keep gates closed to keep animals in. Or they will leave them open so the animals can have access to food and water.

If you encounter livestock

It is highly likely that you will encounter livestock on your walks, this is where as a dog owner their life really is in your hands. Your dog must kept be on the lead.

If your dog is left to worry the animals, or even worse chases or attacks them the farmer has every right to shoot your dog.

Meeting another dog

If you meet another dog or walker on your walk, do not let it charge across the field to stay hello. Asses the situation, is their dog on the lead? If it is you should pop your dog back on too or keep them close. Then approach with care, Nobody wants a mucky pup bounding up at them.

Pick it up

Like you should do in the city, if your dog poops… Pick it up! Not only is it disgusting for everyone else that walks those paths, it can cause harm to the animals. For instance, if a cow was to ingest the poo, it will cause them to abort their unborn calf.

If you follow our simple tips, you are free to explore as you wish!

Emma & Alfie xox

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  • Reply Collie Comforts

    Great tips! I find too many people ignore such simple rules. something I would deem to be common sense! Xx

    July 25, 2017 at 9:23 pm
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