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I just couldn’t wait any longer! It’s time to get a little festive at “Alfie Bear HQ”… Christmas is by far my favourite time of year, I love absolutely everything about it! Especially as it means I can spoil Alfie a little more than usual! – If that is even possible?!

Over the past few weeks I have been searching for the perfect dog box. There seems to be so many on the market, many not worth the hype at all! But I may have found the box to beat all boxes… Introducing the Festive HOUNDBOX!


The festive HOUNDBOX has been brought to you by the wonderful people at HOUNDWORTHY… One of the coolest and, dare I say, best online lifestyle brands. A company dedicated to providing both human and hound with the most exceptional apparel. A brand I have been following online for what feels like years! Each box can be personalised and designed to specifically tailor your canine, containing a varied selection of British-Made dog treats, a toy, and some specially selected goodies. It could well be the perfect present for your very lucky pooch.


Alfie loves presents! I’m sure you have all seen him open his presents over on our Instagram… Our festive HOUNDBOX was hand stamped with Alfie’s name on it and a little festive message on the inside [I love a personal touch]. Alfie just could not wait to see what was inside…Of course he had dive straight in and try to munch on the most delicious smelling treat!


First up was some “The Innocent Hound” treats, in a rather festive flavour of sliced duck sausages with cranberry. No word of a lie, these are his absolute favourite! If he is a very good boy he usually gets them sprinkled on his breakfast – He has definitely got me wrapped around his little paw! But boy these do smell! I think that what makes them so special. These treats are air-dried and ready sliced perfect for a special treat, or a high value training aid! Alfie will do anything for some sausage!


Next up was their “Old School Suede Leather Bone“. Very different to the usual toys Alfie has but he loved it. I think it may be the change in texture. The soft suede leather is great for you hound, it is nice and soft but can still cope with lots of use.


The other treats were snapped up quick. I popped them straight into my handbag! I always end up with an abundance of biscuits floating around in my handbag! but with these luxurious “Random Rewards” they come in a tin, perfect for on the go! The flavours are also something else! Are you ready for it? They are Ostrich & Cherry, Seaweed & Orange, Cheese & Cranberry, Venison & Blueberry and Salmon & Trout… Oh my!


Now we do have a slight confession when it comes to the Houndcracker! [as you can probably tell from the amount of dribble all over it in the photo] Alfie went absolutely mad for it! I just could not work out why! Then out came the wild game sausages! Only the luckiest of pooches get wild game! These are 100% natural grain free made especially for HOUNDWORTHY by an artisanal dog treat specialist in Yorkshire. Safe to say they were a huge hit! Alfie was so distracted by them that we missed the adorable badge and party hat in all the madness! – Aren’t they the most the adorable crackers you have ever seen? The perfect addition to the christmas table… I think I prefer them to human crackers.

dsc_5609-11 dsc_5617-11

Okay, who doesn’t love a cupcake? I am a complete cakeoholic [yes this is actually a problem] I think it may have rubbed off on Alfie. He always gets a cupcake on special occasions and I can’t help but laugh at his “Cake eyes”. It’s almost as if his mind is exploding. This Pupbake cupcake also had a festive twist, it tasted of roast turkey! It actually smelt like a whole roast dinner… Alf was in heaven.


Another one of Alfie’s favourite treats were in the box “Beautiful Joe’s” [You can see why I completely fell in love with this gift box]. These treats are made from air-dried, pure natural ox liver… Might not sound delicious to us but dogs adore them! They are very much like beef jerky, and the perfect size for a training treat. Something even better is that half of all the treats they produce are given away to rescue homes… Amazing or what?!


My ultimate favourite addition to our festive HOUNDBOX, which was personalised especially for Alfie, is one of their festive bandanas… I love Christmas, but I have found the majority of fashion accessories around the holiday season are so tacky! Not this one, this tasteful mistletoe print is just perfection… I loved it so much that I purchased their Ruldoph Red bandana too!


I can hands on my heart say that I am madly in love with this box, I don’t know who got more excited about it! It is the perfect gift for any lucky pooch! With a box this exceptional I highly recommend you get your paws on it quick. Quantities are limited. Order early to avoid any disappointment.

Thank you to our wonderful friends at HOUNDWORTHY for gifting Alfie his very own personalised festive HOUNDBOX… He is a very happy boy indeed!
Emma & Alfie xox

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  • Reply Stephanie Walton

    What a great box! Lots of luxury in one box and you’re looking great in the Festive bandannas

    Love Steph & The Spaniels

    November 28, 2016 at 5:19 pm
    • Reply Emma Bearman

      Thanks Steph, Isn’t it a great find! It’s the first box i’ve found where I would actually buy all of the products individually!
      Emma & Alfie xox

      December 1, 2016 at 9:43 am
  • Reply Jessica

    Ahhhh such a lovely blog!! Great gift box too! Think we’ll need to investigate these for Christmas!!

    November 29, 2016 at 9:50 am
    • Reply Emma Bearman

      Thank you so much Jessica, we were so impressed with our box – Christmas shopping made easy!
      Emma & Alfie xox

      December 1, 2016 at 9:44 am
  • Reply Terri-Sam

    Im actually in love with your blog! how amazing are you! your photography style is on point girl I LOVE it!!
    Lots of love Terri-Sam

    December 1, 2016 at 4:43 pm
    • Reply Emma Bearman

      Thank you Terri-Sam, your kind words really mean a lot! We have just found your blog, cannot wait to follow your adventures!
      Emma & Alfie xox

      December 4, 2016 at 3:21 pm

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