Dog-friendly travel made easy!

Dog Friendly Travel

With those chilly Autumnal days fast approaching now is the time where everyone is looking to book a trip away. Whether you are looking to book a cosy winter break or plan ahead for your summer holidays we have teamed up with to share with you our top tips for choosing the perfect dog friendly stay.


When choosing your location, first you must decide which area of the UK you want to travel to. Once decided you will then have to priorities what is important to you when looking for a dog friendly location. Whether you want waterside views, a pub just up the road or to stay somewhere close to the beach It is good to have this desired first – For me it has to be close to the beach. This is where comes in handy! When searching for accommodation you can simply check a box to filter the Cottages to suit your requirements [for example I always select to have a beach within 5 miles as you can’t beat a morning stroll along the beach].

Dog Friendly Beach

Are the Beaches Dog-Friendly?

Now I feel it is time to share my secret weapon with you… The “Dog Spot Beach Guide” app from

Since this app was launched at the beginning of the year it has been a game changer for me when it comes to finding dog friendly beaches, especially as we have been going to lots of new locations across the UK. It is so simple to use, you just select the area you are visiting then there is a map with all the dog friendly beaches in that area.Dog Friendly BeachDog Friendly Beaches

If you click on a beach the app will show you more information, it tells you when the beach is dog friendly [remember some are limited over the summer months], the type of beach and then there is a ink to all their dog friendly accommodation in the area. I highly recommend downloading it to your phone – It really does make traveling simple, we have found some cracking beaches!

The app also allows users to upload their own photos of the beaches as well as the professional photos, I love this addition as you can get a true idea of what the beach is like without the use of Photoshop.


The accommodation itself is much more important than you may think! Yes it may allow dogs but as a dog owner there is a lot more you have to think about. For instance does the property have an enclosed garden? You want to be able to let your dog off the lead and be confident that they aren’t going to take themselves for a walk. We once stayed in a cottage that had no garden right on a main street, it was a lovely cottage but that late night “last wee before bed” became quite the chore!
Another good one is to check that there is somewhere to wash your dog off after a day on the beach or a muddy walk in the countryside – Lets face it, I’m pretty sure there is a mud monster hidden in every dog! It sounds trivial but a little thing like that can be an added bonus!

Muddy Spaniel

Things to do

Imagine the horror… You have found your perfect dog friendly accommodation, but you then arrive to discover that the area you are staying in hasn’t quite come around to discover the benefits of being dog friendly. I think we have all done it! Having to have one of you stand outside to hold the dogs while you pop in the shop, or the cold blustery fish and chips on the seafront because you can’t find somewhere you can eat that allows dogs – It’s a Nightmare!

Dog Friendly Restaurant

This is why it is so so important to do your research! Find out which pubs allows dogs, or what activities you can do. I like to take the time to have a good Google beforehand [there are lots of websites online that have all the information in one place making it easy!]. I will write down all the places that take my fancy ready for when we arrive, it just takes some of the pressure off.


For me I love to find a boat trip, whether it is a short ferry journey to a beach or a trip to see the seals it is always a highlight of the trip!

Getting your dog settled

Staying somewhere new can be unsettling for any dog, even for one who travels regularly. Whenever I travel I always make sure to pack all of Alfie’s essentials to make him feel more at home: little things like his travel bed, toys and his own bowl. With those familiar items around it won’t take him long to settle in. [We recently did a post on our travel essentials.]

Dog Travel Bed

At the beginning of November Alfie and I will be teaming up with Steph and the Spaniels [Stephanie Dreams] for a very excited trip to Cornwall with We have a wonderful few days planned sniffing out all things dog friendly in Boscastle.

Keep your eyes peeled! we will definitely be sharing out adventures with you all!

Emma & Alfie xox

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