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I will admit being a country bumpkin, I just love all things tweed. I actually think it could be a unhealthy obsession, So when Alfie was given the opportunity to model Bib & Tucker’s new Luxury Harris Tweed collection… Of course I just couldn’t say no!

Run by Chris, Becky and their very handsome Bulldog Winston, They were inspired by their love of pets and high fashion to create a range of refined accessories for Winston. His neckerchiefs quickly gained compliments and interest, starting their journey to design and create luxury British neckerchiefs for dogs all over the world.

I just couldn’t resist asking Becky, a few questions..
What inspired you to create your Luxury Harris Tweed collection?
“As a British based brand, we wanted to create a collection collaborating with the finest Britain has to offer. Harris Tweed is made from 100% pure virgin wool and gives every neckerchief a classic & timeless feel. To this day, Harris Tweed is the only fabric in the world protected by an Act of Parliament. It is amazing to think in this mechanised and mass produced world, Harris Tweed is still woven by hand on the Western Isles of Scotland.”

How long does it take for you to make a neckerchief from start to finish?
“Each Bib & Tucker neckerchief starts out as a single piece of premium fabric. On average it takes our team around 40 minutes to turn this into a luxury neckerchief before adding our signature touch – the wooden toggle detail.”

GroupWhat roles do you both take in creation process?
“As a small creative team, we are able to work together through all aspects, however I take control over design taking inspiration from the most current fashion trends.”

Which is your favourite neckerchief from your new Collection?
“My favourite at this moment in time has to be the Mulberry Harris. Our dog Winston has been wearing this since its launch. This unique design from Harris Tweed is one that is limited, if you like this as much as we do, grab one now while you can!

The Classic Harris Tweed


This is my favourite style from the collection, I definitely think that is has something to do with the fact Alf and I now match when I’m wearing my favourite jacket! I just love the subtle streaks of colour through the tweed… I notice a different colour every time I look at it!


The Mulberry Harris Tweed


The Mulberry really is the most exquisite of the collection, the rich colours with the hint of gold really does scream quality (like the whole collection). This is definitely our special occasion neckerchief… It’s like he should be pottering around a big stately home!


The Classic Grey Harris Tweed


I just love the cool colours of the Classic Grey, the added hint of red really is an eye catcher. This really has been our “go to” neckerchief over the past few weeks… Alfie has been spoilt with all the lovely compliments.


There is something about a good quality tweed that really does make you feel fabulous. I will hold my hands up to say that when I put on a good quality tweed coat, I fall in love and end up treating myself. I do think this should be the same when buying things for your dog, Alfie loves his neckerchiefs, it puts an extra spring in his step… He just knows he is looking handsome!

It is Chris and Becky’s keen eye for detail which gives Bib & Tucker’s neckerchiefs the edge. All their products are made from hand picked, quality fabric each is lined for extra durability (this is important with Alf as he is always getting so mucky, I just pop them in the wash and they come out as good as new). They use velcro fastening making them easy to adjust but they also have safety in mind as the velcro will just come apart if there is any pressure applied… This is a must!

“We are incredibly proud of how well our product & brand has been received over the year and half. We would like to thank every collaborator, customer & stylish dog for the support.” 
– Becky Adams, Creator.
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