Splashing good fun!

  Now, recently Alf has been doing a lot of posing.. Don’t get me wrong he loves it, but that’s just not Alf, behind the scenes he is a soggy mud monster and I love it! In fact this is something that I encourage! You see so many dogs wrapped up in cotton wool with owners freaking out over the slightest mud splash – It’s just madness! I am a firm believer in letting dogs be dogs!

Alfie loves to swim, any water, whatever weather, he will want to dive in. I try to let him have a good swim at least once a week.. If seeing the happiness on his face isn’t enough swimming has lots of health benefits, even though the resistance makes them work harder it has a much lower impact (a bit like with us humans, we use swimming a lot in rehabilitation after an injury) meaning lot less stress on their joints it is perfect to improve your dogs fitness as well as their muscle strength and tone. Just remember this is much more tiring than running on the ground, they say that 1 minute swimming is the same as running for 4 minutes, so keep an eye on your dog and call it a day when they are getting tired.
Although this is a lot of fun for you and your dog I always make sure that I still have control. He will wait for permission to dive in, and come out when asked. It is so important to make sure that the water is safe for your dog to swim in (especially if they like to dive straight in like Alf) make sure there is nothing your dog can get stuck in, impale themselves on and watch out for a strong current! I have set swimming spots as safety is always a priority. There will always be risks, but as long as I am careful the benefits outweigh the risk.
DSC_3449-11 As you can see from the expression on his face, he is loving every minute, always so eager.
Some dogs will never love water, but if you are looking to introduce your dog to the water make sure you do it slowly, don’t throw them in head first! Start shallow, let them have a splash (you may even need to get your wellies on and join them!) and work up to it.
It is so great to photograph Alf doing what he does best, the response on our Twitter and Instagram has been wonderful! We would love to see some photos of your dogs enjoying the water!
Have a great week!
Emma & Alfie xox
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