New Year Pet Resolutions

We were inspired by a recent post from Rosewood Pet to share with you our New Year resolutions, I’m not really one for the whole “new year, new start” thing.. But I do think it is important to set yourself goals both for you and your dog, here are our three:

1. The early morning walk.
I will hold my hands and admit that when it comes to mornings both me and Alfie are not great, tending to opt for the snuggle on the sofa before work and heading out for a walk around lunch time – Most of the time his choice not mine, I can’t get him to touch his food until at least 2pm! This year I am trying to alter his very relaxed routine with the hope that he will eat his breakfast at a reasonable time with the others!
I’ve started setting the alarm much earlier and getting him out before we even have time settle on the sofa, there is a slight bit of reluctance but once his paws are muddy there is no stopping him! I’m hoping this will get easier once the mornings start to get lighter.

2. Manners
I’ve kind of let the rules relax a little over the past 6 months, and it does show! I wouldn’t say that Alfie is rude unruly, he just does everything on his terms not mine.. So just the little things like tidying up the lead work – I’m a bugger for not using leads, as most of the time it’s not needed as I just open the door and we are over the fields but It does show when I do put him on the lead it’s a little bit chaos! Also simple things like jumping on my lap without permission and steadiness when we are out over the fields.. All little things that will make my life a little easier!
I’m hoping that we can just introduce these back in slowly, as it is my fault (and James’, he’s the soft touch here) and get things back to how they were, so introducing the simple clicker training back into our routine, and then tackle the heelwork!

3. Enjoy everything
It speaks for itself really, I just want to continue spending time with him, so just travelling more, dog friendly day trips and just having fun! – That’s what it’s all about, and sharing our adventures with you of course!

We would love to know your New Year Pet resolutions, comment below or tweet us on _alfiebear_

Emma & Alfie

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