Pooch & Mutt – Training Treats

When you think of a spaniel, most will think of them being a walking dustbin, eating everything and anything in sight.. Not Alfie, he has very little interest in food at all -unless it’s cheese, but come on who can resist cheese? As well as being ridiculously fussy, he also has a sensitive stomach.. Also making treats a bit of a touch and go subject.

I know that I am very late on the band wagon when I mention the Pooch and Mutt, I actually only discovered the brand last month after James picked up some treats and food samples from the London Vet Show.. They definitely have Alf’s approval, without making him sound too much like a spoilt princess, he really does not enjoy any biscuits that he has to crunch (his teeth are fine, he is just fussy!) but he will do anything for one of these.. They also smell incredible!

These treats are “natural, ethical, low calorie, gluten-free, hand-baked mini-bones that dogs love”.. They really do tick all the boxes! Alfie’s favourite flavour is the “move easy” flavour, he doesn’t really need any joint supplements being just three, but I do feel that it is great to include some omega 3 in his diet as he is such an active dog!

They are a great size, perfect for popping in your pocket before heading off on you walk, or to use as training treats – being low fat you do not have to worry as much! I am a big supporter of positive reinforcement, so when we are out taking photos, on the agility course or even when introducing a new trick it is so important to feed a treat that will make your dog want more!

Why not check out the “Pooch and Mutt” website for more information on their range.. This was not a sponsored post – Just one very happy customer!

Have a great weekend!
Emma & Alfie xox
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