November 2015

So.. November.. Where do I start? It has been a hectic month for me with the Christmas orders and photo sessions rolling in thick and fast.. But through the chaos I have also re-discovered my love of sharing Alfie photos, I am always snapping away when it comes to Alf, desperate to capture all our fun and memories for years to come, It really has been great sharing these with you.. So much so that I discovered the “dog world” on Twitter, making Alfie his very own account, it really is such a friendly community, I seem to spend more time on Alfie’s account than i do my own!

 I have spent the majority of the month working, and it really has flown by! It very much is the same mundane routine of, wake up, work, Dog time, work some more then sleep.. It can be very tedious at times but I just have to keep telling myself that it wont be this hectic forever, I hope one day I can focus on my photography full time.We have also been very busy helping my boyfriend, James move house.. He has moved to a pretty little village in Oxfordshire, this also means we will be spending weekends discovering all the new walks and pubs! You never know you might see a dog friendly feature soon!

Alfie has been a real joy to be around recently (more so than normal!), so keen to please. I finally got around to taking him to a agility class.. I remember seeing the championships at Crufts back in march and being blown away! I don’t think we will ever get to that standard but we can dream! While we are just picking up the basics we have been having one to one sessions.. He is taking everything in his stride, flying over jumps, tunnels and starting the contact equipment – Even getting the hang over the weave poles! He has cracked them on the lead but the moment he realises that he is off the lead the he can’t contain his excitement. It’s great to just go have some fun with him.. as sometimes everything can get a little too serious! Our instructor is really happy with how well we are doing, hopefully we can merge into some of her group sessions next year.

I am so excited for December, cannot wait to get all festive! We even have some Christmas jumpers ordered! – I’m sure Alf is going to love modelling them! I hope your November has been a good one!

Emma & Alfie xox
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