Country Chique With Hettie

    We thought we would keep it classy with our first style post of the year. Let me introduce you to Hettie, a Warwickshire based company creating gorgeous wool products for both human and hound. For me wool is something that I save for best, especially with a mud monster like Alfie… Even though a good quality wool can take a bit of a spaniel beating, do you really want to let something so luxurious get mucky? I think not.

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    2018 Event Guide – Dates For Your Diary

    With the start of each new year I try to get myself organised, and with my job this means getting all the canine events in the diary! Like and dog mad human, who can beat a day out purely dedicated to dogs?

    I thought I would share our favourite events and the ones we hope to attend with you – Maybe you can pop them in the diary too!

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    New Years Resolutions For You and Your Dog

    The start of a New Year is the perfect time for us all to re-evaluate our lives a little, what did we enjoy? What would we like to see change next year? This is where setting yourselves a new years resolution or two come in handy. As a crazy dog mum my resolutions of course revolve around my little Alf, and how could we make the most of our days together.

    I thought it would be good to share our resolutions with you, and maybe give you a bit of inspiration for some you could make with your dog.

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    2017 – The Highlights

    Oh 2017 has been a blast! What a year! Full of plenty of highs it leaves me very excited for the year ahead. I thought I would share with you all a few highlights!

    There has been so many changes this year, We have moved house, I’ve left my job to become fully self employed – This means I can give my all to my photography business, and also have the freedom to travel wherever the blog takes us.

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    A Festive Stay at The Bourne Valley Inn

    Last week we packed our bags and made the drive south to Hampshire for a little festive treat at The Bourne Valley Inn, our favourite place for a dog friendly stay-cation. The Bourne Valley Inn is part of the Epicurean Collection, a luxurious collection of “Quintessentially British” pubs with rooms.

    The Bourne Valley Inn is nestled away in the gorgeous Hampshire countryside, just a stones throw from the North Wessex Downs. Those of you who have been with us from the start will recognise the BVI. It was our first ever press trip. Without getting too mushy, it will always be a fond memory for both James and I – We had the most wonderful time [read about our first stay here]. We couldn’t wait to get checked in and enjoy our little christmas party.

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    Let it Snow

    “But as long as you love me so, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

    I love the snow! I don’t think i’ll ever be too old for a good ol’ snowball fight, especially with Alf around. Sunday we saw the largest snowfall I think we have ever had… Even though we had those sever weather warnings, I must admit I wasn’t expecting much. Imagine my surprise Sunday morning when i open to curtains to a winter wonderland.

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