Our Winter Survival Guide

    Hello there Winter… Bring on the mud!

    Many dog owners dread those winter months, every walk results in mucky paws – Or if you are Alfie, a full body mud coverage is needed. Instead of preventing the mud I have learnt to just embrace it. Thankfully I have a collection of great products that help with the aftermath! I thought I would share them with you.

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    The Dog Trouser Company

    In Alfie’s eyes every walk should mean getting as muddy as possible, which is loads of fun for him… But for me? Sometimes I would prefer a clean spaniel. As an Alfie owner, I have all the products on the market ready to deal with the mud monster. I am yet to try a product which will prevent the mud splatter in the first place!

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    Travall, Dog Guard & Boot Mat

    Alfie and I are always on the road, I’m sure you know that by now! You always see where we go, what we do but we never share the journey with you. Today I will be sharing with you how I keep Alfie safe, secure and comfortable on the road.

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    Soopa, Healthy Low Calorie Dog Treats

    We all love to treat our dogs, with comfy beds, trendy collars and of course food. For many, food is the way to their heart. Alfie is not a huge fan of dinner times but he will do anything for a tasty treat! Keen to keep him in tip top shape, healthy treats are a must.

    I have mentioned before that when it comes to food and Alfie, I stick with what I know… Especially with treats. It doesn’t do their stomachs any good to keep chopping and changing. I have a select few treats that I know he loves and that’s that. But when Soopa Pets recently got in touch to see if they could send Alfie some of their treats to try I was instantly drawn in by their brand, excited to see what Alfie thought of them.

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    Staying in a Dog Friendly Hotel

    Never one to leave Alfie at home, We get to stay in many a gorgeous dog friendly hotel. More and more hotels are allowing dogs nowadays, which means that you have more freedom to explore the UK. For us, Staying in a dog friendly hotel, it is much more of a treat as we don’t have to worry about anything other than relaxing and enjoying our stay.

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