Most Used Phrases…

    For a little bit of fun I thought I’d share a little bit of an insight into my relationship with Alfie. Because behind that angelic face of his there can a little toad. That seems to be a regular nickname of his at the moment, along with little s**t.

    I think it is blatantly obvious from the rest of this post that Alfie is a spoilt princess who is occasionally sassy for his own good – and I will admit I’m that annoying clingy dog owner, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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    Let’s Go Exploring | 3 Peaks Collection

    It’s common knowledge that Alfie is a born adventure dog, we are always off exploring somewhere new! Imagine our excitement when we were asked by Pets at Home to try their new 3 Peaks Spring collection. I must admit even though we do explore I have never bought Alfie any specific gear to aid our adventures. I just could not wait to try the collection out and share our favourite pieces with you…

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