Siccaro, WetDog Drying Robe

    By now you all well know that a wet muddy spaniel is obstacle when owning an Alf. I am always on the look out for ways to make this a little easier. Much to my excitement we were recently contacted by Siccaro, to see if we would be interested in putting their WetDog Drying Robe to the test.

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    Countryside Etiquette

    Wether you are lucky enough to live in the countryside or just visiting for the weekend there are many things you need to keep into consideration. Us country folk like to call it countryside etiquette.

    Now if you follow these simple guidelines, you are free to enjoy the countryside as you wish. Failing to do so and you could end up with some very angry farmers with shotguns… This is not a joke!

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    Moving House With Your Dog

    Last week we moved house, for Alfie and I it was our first time moving. Something than can be very stressful for human and hound. Much to my surprise Alfie took to the new house like a duck to water! I took a little more convincing – change is so stressful haha!  

    I thought it would be handy for me to share our top tips on how to move house with your dog, keeping things as stress free as possible.

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